The latest research is reinforcing what your gut has been telling you: make sure your business’ website is compatible with mobile devices — or lose customers.

Here are a few highlights from a recent survey done for Google by two independent market research firms, Stirling Research and SmithGeiger, What Users Want from Mobile Sites Today.

If these 5 facts don’t make you mobile, nothing will:
74% say they’re more likely to return to a site if it’s mobile friendly
48% said that if a site didn’t work well on their smartphone, they felt like the company didn’t care about their business
52% said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company
67% of mobile users say they’re more likely to buy products and services from a mobile-friendly site
61% said if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site they’d quickly move on to another site
The upshot: delay your move to mobile and risk damaging your brand.