10 marketing resolutions for 2013

1. Get closer to your customers and end-users. Use surveys, join discussion groups online, and spend time with them in person.
2. Utilise your customer insights and data to personalise your marketing as much as possible.
3. Create a consistent brand experience for your customers from your website to your packaging, and your call centre to your marketing communications.
4. Define and nurture your company's culture, in line with number 3. Live and breathe your brand.
5. Incorporate mobile strategies into your marketing mix. More than 75% of the world already has access to a second screen, and that figure's set to hit 90% in 2013!
6. Develop an App that's helpful, valuable or fun for your customers.
7. Regularly produce fresh digital content that's genuinely useful and engaging.
8. Create an active presence in social media. Nominate someone to be your company's voice and set up google alerts for your brand names, so you can join the dialogue with customers.
9. Don't let the battle to win new customers overshadow the ones you already have. Loyalties are fragile in the wake of the recession, so make them feel valued, and turn them into ambassadors for your brand.
10. Don't forget there's more to marketing than online only! Maximise the impact of your marketing by utilising a variety of tangible, interactive pieces that link on and offline.