5 ways to score more LinkedIn followers

With over 2 million companies registered within their database (including all Fortune 500 corporations), it’s no real revelation that LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in the B2B world. A company profile allows you to build your professional network via the influence of social media and being top of your class is certainly beneficial to your brand. Procuring company followers increases your business’s visibility as your updates will be seen throughout the LinkedIn community, attracting your target audience.So how do you acquire a bunch of LinkedIn groupies? While there is no exact formula to catapult you into the upper echelons of LinkedIn stardom overnight, there are certainly some helpful practices to enhance your company page.

1. All in the Family

Your friends and family are your biggest fans, so use your real life community to help develop your social media channels. When you start using a new platform, invite these people to connect with the page first. This will help you to build a decent foundation to start attracting new followers.

2. Share and Share Alike

You can use your already existing social media communities to draw attention to your LinkedIn page. Share your business via Facebook or Twitter, all of these forums should be used in conjunction with each other to yield the best results. You can do this in corporate forms of communication (email, newsletters, advertisement) as well, just remember to make it compelling. Include information you will make available to followers: promotions, articles, event, etc.

Following other companies’ pages is a good tactic as well. Showing a bit of sportsmanship and camaraderie will no doubt earn respect from your peers as well as gather some reciprocated follows along the way.

3. A Matter of Substance

Since most everyone is on LinkedIn for career purposes, use this opportunity to increase exposure for your products or services. Share engaging, original content that is applicable in your followers’ everyday life. Workplace tips or career advice is always relevant and, if you are having trouble coming up with content, consider using personal experiences. Chances are you are not the only one to encounter a business problem — share how you resolved a difficult matter with others who may be having issues in a similar situation.

Once you add new content, make sure to share it across your other social media platforms; it will increase the likelihood of people finding your LinkedIn content.

4. Consistence Beats Resistance

Post new content often to keep viewers interested and coming back to your page. Perhaps set aside one day a week (or more) to publish new information or advice. This will force you to keep your content timely and relevant.

5. Top Jocks Need Their Lackeys

Just kidding. You’re employees are not your lackeys. But getting staff members involved and backing your company is advantageous for everyone involved. First, encourage anyone who does not have a LinkedIn page to create one and list your company as their current employer. You company logo will then show up on their profile and will click through to your company page. You employees can then “like” and share status updates from your company page. Remember: more views = more brand recognition = more followers.

As I previously mentioned, overnight popularity isn’t something to realistically strive for. But begin putting the groundwork in early. You may be pretty green at the start, but a little networking and a bit of swagger will ensure you’re the one being crowned king of the LinkedIn prom.

If you feel that your LinkedIn profile could use a bit of a boost, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Contact our Digital Manager, Veronica Nobbs: veronica@b2bpartners.nz