Content marketing is the digital bait that hooks your prospects when they are in the initial research stage, and helps to gently lead them through the sales process. For content to be effective, it needs to be unique, entertaining, relevant and useful. We’ll help you identify areas to improve in your current content marketing, work with you to develop a content marketing strategy and then help implement and monitor the campaign.

Our content marketing programmes include:

  • Content Audit – Determine the assets you already have, in any form or format.
  • Content Marketing Strategy – We nail down your goals, personas, priorities and gaps in the market and turn them into action plans, editorials and KPIs.
  • Content Development – We will develop ideas for great content, then write, design and produce it.
  • Content Distribution – We drive your content to your target market, and your target market to your content through social media, search marketing, email, pay-per-click, banner campaigns and more.
  • Lead Nurturing – We’ll use marketing automation to move prospects along until they are sales-ready.
  • Content Analytics – By setting up the right metrics, we can track and measure your content marketing efforts.

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