Just because B2B buyers are decked out in neckties and dress socks doesn't mean they want to deal with a humourless automaton.


Your B2B buyers are cynical, jaded, over it.

They can see through advertising that talks down to them, and they're bored by your corporababble. So what's a brand to do?

Be human.

It's been well-documented for eons that people are naturally attracted and more loyal to brands with human qualities and distinctive personalities. We see it work in consumer advertising all the time. Yet B2B buyers are consistently treated like automatons by businesses acting like automatons. Business buyers are just as human as consumers. Be human in your interactions with them, they'll love you for it.

Kill the corporababble

Corporate jargon is an excellent way to alienate people. Instantly, it seems like you're more interested in yourself than your buyer. Sure it may seem like you understand your business, but why do your buyers care about that? They want you to understand their business and their needs.

Cut the crap

B2B buyers are not idiots. If they've heard your line before how can you expect them to trust you, let alone like you? Over-claiming may clinch the sale, but you can bet the word will spread, and it will cost you your reputation.

Treat your buyers the way you'd like to be treated, with respect. And if you make a mistake, own it.

Don't be afraid to open up

For a digital space, a lot of emotion is conveyed via the web. Social media has changed the way we all think, it's brought out the voyeur in us, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. People are hungry for transparency. And that goes for business buyers too.